Thursday, 15 November 2012

May have forgotton I had a blog. Woop..

What can I say, I forgot!! :( And for this I humbly apologise. As if it's any excuse, I've had a LOT (and I mean L.O.T) happen in the last 5 months since I last blogged. A series of updates are coming though. But I'm starting at the beginning (June/July, where I left this...)

I turned a whole quarter Century old in June. Yikes. But I was lucky enough to be in the very beautiful Costa Adeje with my boyfriend Ben, and I spent my birthday drinking cocktails with an amazing Scottish couple (Gill and Chris, who have since got engaged! Yay!) who we met there, and are still in touch with.

Anyway.. I came home from Tenerife to the CUTEST birthday present ever.. Introducing Boris..
Boris is an Abyssinian guinea pig, who's mummy is one of Ben's mummy's guinea pigs :) She had two babies, Boris and Ed born in June, I got Boris (named after the Mayor of London, because of the crazy hair..) and Ed went to live with Ben's brother's girlfriend! 

BUT. Little Boris was very lonesome living in my bedroom while I was at work all day long.. So we got him a friend! Poor little Asda was named thus because he was found sodden and bedraggled in an Asda carpark, riddled with mites and with one ear savaged. He was 3 months old! A lovely lady called Kate from  Guinea Pig Rescue and Rehome took him in and nursed him back to health, and he came to live with Boris in September. It was love at first squeak! 

They are SO sweet these two, like an old married couple! They boss each other about and 'weep weeeeep' at each other if they're unimpressed with their vegetable offerings for the day! 

So. That's my first update. There are loads more to come, mainly Nail Polish based, a whole load of different looks I tried with caviar, glitter, crackle etc. :) My nail polish collection expanded by 19 polishes this month.. OOPS. 

(Apologies for poor quality photos, they're from my phone..)

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