Friday, 1 June 2012

Eek.. A Blog!

Yowza, this is super scary.. My first ever blog post!

(insert awk silence here)

So, I started this blog because I got a little bit obsessed watching beauty channels on YouTube. Oops. But there's more to it than that..
I found myself spending hours doing awesome manicures just to then go to ride my horse and come home with broken, smudged nails :(
Sooo I was thinking about how to make these cool make up/nail/hair tips pony-proof and I wondered how anyone else manages this? Hence this blog..
So it's more about learning from other people than people learning from me!

SO I guess I should do a little bio about me eh?

With my previous horse Quitus, beautiful boy!

I live in Bedfordshire in a small market town about 35 miles outside London. I have a great job as an Interior Architect for a well known international Architectural practice in South London which means I spend about 4 hours per day commuting (YAWN!).

I have this aweeeesome little pony <3 good lord I adore him! His name is Bally and he's the inspiration behind the name Pink Pony, and the background image is him - my little pink pony.

Pink Unicorn!

I also have a super super boyfriend called Ben, we've been together 3 years and have just bought a house together and are waiting for it to be built (roll on November!)

Ben at KoKo <3

I'm originally from Scotland (Inverness to be precise) and I moved to Bedfordshire in 2002 when my father decided he needed a change from being the Provost of the Episcopalian Cathedral in Inverness. So we moved to this cute little village 500 miles away when I was 15..

The beautiful house I lived in in Inverness.

I studied at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey and graduated in 2008 with a BA(hons) 2:1 - super pleased!
 Hayley (right) and I graduating!


Soooo.. what will this blog contain?

Mainly, beauty stuff! Nail art, favourite products, ideas and questions about my hair,nails makeup etc! But also, some stories from every day life - designs I'm doing at work, photos of my gorgeous Bally and sketches/photos of things I make from sewing projects and recipes to fixing up my car!

So please do read on, follow me and comment - let me know the good things and bad things and what you'd like to see! Please please please ask me to follow your blogs - cause I love them!

You can check out my facebook and twitter here:

Thanks for reading my first post, now let the journey begin <3

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