Friday, 1 June 2012

Mini High-Street Haul

So it was payday on Thursday! Yippee!
I had to go into town to get my antibio's for my kidney infection and had a browse while I was there.. I picked up a few bits for holiday - Sun cream, shampoo etc. but I also got a chance to buy some products I've been wanting to try!


So what and why?

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow (Turquoise Forever)..

I've seen commercials for this, and watched a lot of reviews on youtube. However I was sceptical.. I have bought 'creaseless' shadow before just to find it creases and the only creaseless one I've found that works is the Benefit Creaseless Cream BUT I really REALLy hate the colour range, every single colour combination made me look like a drag queen. :(
So back to the color tattoo... First thing I was struck with was the awesome range of colours - there are a good selection of gold/bronze/taupe colous for everyday wear and then some AWESOME popping brights. I LOVE all things turquoise (one of my favourite ever buys is MAC's Liquid last liner in turquoise) but turquoise shadow's always always let me down. I find they're either not pigmented enough if they're powder (even if wet!) and they crease like anything if they're cream.
The color tattoo feels great it's really creamy in the pot but applies really bold and solid colour. It wears all day without creasing and blends well with other colours and liner.
This is no.20 Turquoise Forever and I wore it with MAC quick liner in black and Maybelline Collossal mascara in black and I got SO many compliments! It really suited my complexion (fair) and didn't look over done or drag queen ish! All for £4.99! Bargain!
This gel-cream shadow gets 10/10 from me! I'm definately going to be buying some more of these for the summer... See the full range below..

2. Barry M Nail Paint Magnetic in Dark Silver and 17 Lastting Fix Nail Polish in Juicy

YAY I've been wanting to try a Magnetic nail polish for SO long, but I've not seen any in my local Debenhams, Boots etc. I picked this Barry M one up in Boots for £4.99. The range is very limited and is all dark metallic colours so not ideal for summer but still dying to try this! Will blog once I've given it a go - I'd do it now but I'm still liking my pink and blue semi-gradient!

Barry M Magnetic range...

The second polish I bought was super cheap but the colour screamed at me! I wore this over the weekend and it wore well even without topcoat (I forgot!) I love that one coat is a pale shimmery green which is very wareable, but two coats made a really vibrant chartreuse colour. I got lots of compliments on this, the subtle shimmer made it more eyecatching than a regular bright polish. This was £3.59 from Boots again but is only an 8ml bottle. I love the coverage it gave and how quickly it dried and what a good finish it left.

Weirdly, the colour I have called 'Juicy' is called 'Spring Petal' on the site!

3. L'Oreal Collagen Re-Plumper Day Cream

Oh my god, where do I start? I LOVEEEEE this moisturiser! I fist tried a collagen moisturiser when I bought Soap & Glory's 'Wish Upon a Jar' however I didn't feel it was worth £15.00 and it said only to use for 3 weeks at a time? Then I saw this L'Oreal one on special offer so I picked it up.
WOW. It's so thick and luxurious and makes my skin bouncy plumped and soft.
I have SUPER sensitive skin prone to dry patches and so many moisturisers aggrevate my skin but this doesn't. It absorbs well and isn't at all greasy, I can put my foundation on immediately after and it won't slide off.
The Collagen re-plumper has UVA/UVB protection - a must in summer and has a faint scent to it which is lovely! I didn't feel like it dried out over the course of a day and my skin felt hydrated and soft all day.
This cream is £11.75 for a 50ml jar in Boots but I popped into Wilkinson's and picked it up for £6 (obviously I bought two jars!) Highly recommend this to anyone - no matter what age!

4. Maybelline Pop Sticks Lipstick in 060 Citrus Slice

I saw this by chance on my way out of the store... the packaging screamed LOOK AT MEEE! When I looked at the actual product I LOVED the transparent lipstick. Wow. I swatched it on my hand and was pleasantly suprised by the very pale pink sheer colour (when I say very I mean VERY). I've seen other reviews of it that say there is NO colour but there is - I assure you! It made my lips look soft, shiny and tinted pink as if I'd just had an ice lolly! LOVE this for the summer and oh my god the smell is heavenly! I'm definately going to get some more of these as they're only limited edition and I want a stock pile!
The Pop Sticks are super moisturising and the packaging is gorgeous. At around £5 they're perfectly acceptable as a lip balm with a bit of shine to it :) The UK range has 5 colours, from baby pink to orange and darker pink but all very very sheer.
I love this, it'll definately be coming on holiday with me for a quick holiday look :)

VERY sheer when swatched but more pinky pearly on lips.

5. Water Decals

I LOVE water decals! How to get really unique pretty designs on your nails super easily! If you look back to my Previous Post about Gradient Nails you'll see at the bottom there is a lace effect nail design done with water decals. This was my first attempt and I was pretty happy with the look. Lotss of people complimented me on them! I find decals much better than wraps and less fiddly and so long as you put lottttts of topcoat on they last well.
This time I bought some little sailor girls (I am obsessed with anchors, swallows etc all thinks old school sailor!) and some moustaches!
My plan is to use some of the sailor girls on white nails with a navy nail and paint an anchor on the navy one.
The moustaches I plan to use on a nude colour and maybe add a rhinestone to the middle of the tache?
I buy my decals from eBay this seller has a great selection and they're £1.99 a set and postage is 79p - they'll combine postage too and she always adds instructions and some bonus decals. Brill.

6. Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara

I've not had a chance to try this out yet as I'm using up my Collossal mascara which I LOVE! If this is anything like the Collossal I'll be super happy!

So that was my little mini high street haul! Am about to hit up the MAC website and have a look on there.. When I get to 50 followers I will do a MAC giveaway! :)

Tonight I'm off to my boyfriend's grandparent's for his Nana's birthday. I will be sporting my kinda gradient nails and I'm thinking of wearing a navy floral print loose mini dress with some very skinny jeans. I think soft waves in my hair and black liquid liner and loads of mascara with some bronzer and my Popsticks should look pretty but not over done :)

I'd love love love to know your thoughts, reviews, comments on these products or if you've found a similar product or a way of using them! Please do comment and let me know! <3


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