Thursday, 7 June 2012



I've been camping with the boy over the Jubilee weekend! It was lovely to spend time with him but it was cold, wet and windy :( I had no hairdryer, straighteners and I made a stupid foundation based error so I spent the weekend not looking at my best! 

The Foundation Error..

So, normally I am besotted with all things MAC... And I normally use their Studio Sculpt foundation.. but when we had that freakish hot spell in March, I misplaced it and so ran out to Boots to buy a last minute replacement which happened to be L'Oreal's Lumi Magique which I actually reallllllllly like! So.. I've been using the Lumi Magique ever since until cleaning out my makeup bag I found my MAC hidden at the bottom.. So I took it with me camping... 

BAD IDEA. My skin has obviously changed since I last used it, it didn't blend either with a brush or my finger tips, it went patchy and made me look a little ill. :( It didn't work with the colour of my bronzer or blush and though the colour matches my skin tone perfectly it just didn't sit or feel or look right. BOO. 

So now I have 1/2 a tube left and I don't know what to do with it? 

On the subject of MAC, I've been a bit disappointed with them of late... considering I am normally so so so happy with anything I buy at a MAC counter, I was gutted when they discontinued the liquid last liners (but luckily I'd bought two turqouise ones before they did!) and I replaced my black liquid last with their quickliner... Awful. It just transfers onto my browbone constantly... now that's not just how my eyes are shaped because my liquid last has never done that, neither has the L'Oreal carbon black pen I used to use prior to finding this new one.. It's gone really watery and now stings my eyes so I've just stopped using it. SAD FACE. 

MAC's Haught and Naughty mascara was another new purchase for me last summer - love the packaging, but it was honestly the clumpiest mascara I've ever used... It looked very 'lived in' like I was chanelling my inner Taylor Momsen... Weird. I replaced that with Maybelline's Collossal and Benefit's Bad Gal (always a winner in my book and doesn't smell so weird and chemically like the MAC one)

So. Can anyone tell me how many empty MAC products you need to take them for them to give you a free lippy?? ^_^ 

I promise a proper update later, I found some SUPER AWESOME things whilst Archna and I were on our lunch yesterday (read as were avoiding going back to work by going into every single store which sold cosmetics!) and I got yet another gorgoeus FREE polish (Ciate this time!)... more to come. Meow.

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